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City Looking Into Stricter Laws Regarding Panhandlers

A trend that has saw a major uptick has been the number of panhandlers, seeking financial contributions from motorists coming into the city from not only the east but west as well at the 226 overpass in Sullivan.

Over recent weeks, the number of individuals soliciting with “homeless signs,” “lost everything,” “veteran in need,” “will work for food,” has grown and patience has lessened. 

Sullivan City Hall, Sullivan Police and even the Sullivan Independent News have received calls from concerned citizens on what this may be doing to the local economy, with several alleging that the individuals standing in the public roadway with their signs are not homeless and when approached about employment, have offered not to take any assistance with a job.

Many people feel moved or compelled to make a financial donation to the individuals and or provide food, drinks and clothing. This is evident by the amount of trash left in large trash bags in the areas where these individuals stand.

Read more on this story and what the city council is looking to implement to solve it in the Aug. 7 issue of the Independent News.

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